Hyfit develops the Wearable Gym, a resistance exercise tool that combines suspension trainers with fitness trackers. It features resistance control so that users can tailor their training. With a smart wearable device integrated into the strap, the suspension trainers deliver feedback about pulse rate, calories burned, and other personal metrics.



Autocopytrader digital crypto currency investment landing page. Buy Bitcoins online, trade person-to-person in an easy, fast, and secure way. This landing page use powerful segmentation and personalisation to put the right content in front of the right people. Offer the right lead magnets to grow email list, and drive attendance to crypto-market events.



ICV is a Young Startup Providing Job Seekers In the tech Industry (Mostly Developers and Programmers) With a Mobile App that lets them find a job fast and efficiently based on Skills they provide during the registration Process. They then receive a Score (from 0-100%) Based on their compatibility with the relevant employers, and are able to apply by simply swiping right (or left if they choose to decline the job offer) Just like in Dating Apps such as Tinder. This landing page represent easy job searching on the go. Fun look and feel plus rebranded icv squirrel character will make this uneasy task less stressful.


Adcore is an industry-leading tech agency providing various solutions for outstanding digital marketing. Adcore Elite is a strategic online advertising agency, hand in hand with technology, Adcore Elite offer a comprehensive service specialized in paid marketing models.