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People who want to invest in cryptocurrencies need a single platform that allows them to manage and store their local and cryptocurrency portfolios, because the complexity and lack of clarity of existing solutions do not allow them to find a simple platform where they can invest while having fun, without wasting their time.


I did qualitative survey via Google form to find out
if people have already bought cryptocurrencies.
With follow up questions to understand why they
have already done so, or why they haven’t.

• Have you already bought cryptocurrencies, why?
• Which platform(s) do you use?
• How much money did you invest?
• How much time do you spend each week managing
your cryptocurrencies?
• Which feature(s) do you prefer? Why?


Develop a new app for cryptocurrencies, able to manage
different currencies, so that our users can manage their savings in a different and innovative way. App that allows novice users and more accustomed ones to invest and
trade cryptocurrencies in a didactic and secure way.
Buy cryptocurrencies in their local currency and make transactions without needing another platform.
App that allows a better visualisation of the investments made where users can earn money without having to
invest all their time in research and manual transactions.
To achieve these goals, I will use user-friendly app with automated processes that allows you to invest and trade your money in cryptocurrencies in a simple and didactic way, from deposits to the purchase of the chosen cryptocurrencies, with a visualisation system that allows
our users to track their savings in confidence.



From this research, I was able to conclude that most of the people buying cryptocurrencies today are men, around 30 years old. They spend about 1 hour (on average) each week monitoring their portfolio, and can invest a lot of money if they trust the platforms they use, especially with the motivation to make money without doing much.

Therefore, the most successful features are those that guarantee automatic returns. On the other hand, the other half of the people do not know how to buy or where to buy, they are afraid of insecurity and risks, or they got tired of managing their cryptocurrencies due to lack of results or fun.


I was able to identify main users profiles, which will be our main targets for our future application.

31 yo.
HOBBIES: gaming, travel, mountain biking.
MOTIVATIONS: Started buying cryptocurrencies two years
ago to earn money and be a part of this revolution.
FRUSTRATIONS: Using too many platforms for simple actions, lack of visualization of what you are earning. I’m super interested in cryptocurrencies and their possibilities,
I’m investing more and more but I waste too much time looking for information or navigating between platforms.



After the definition of our solution and the first ideation phase, we developed low-fidelity wireframes to test the imagined designs and improve them. Wireframing always helps to show the spacing of elements on the page,
prioritise the content. Fixing all the concepts with wireframes is an essential key to a successful design project.