Hyfit develops the Wearable Gym, a resistance exercise tool that combines suspension trainers with fitness trackers. It features resistance control so that users can tailor their training. With a smart wearable device integrated into the strap, the suspension trainers deliver feedback about pulse rate, calories burned, and other personal metrics.




Health and fitness


Develop responsive website and visual campaigns for all brand products: Including landing pages, newsletters, videos, social media posts, to ensure a seamless and engaging cross-platform presence

My contribution

UI/UX Design,  Web design,  Video editing, Marketing materials

HYFIT Gear1 Website

The website emphasizes the convenience and versatility of GEAR1 products, highlighting their ability to provide gym-grade workouts anywhere, anytime. Whether users are at home, traveling, or outdoors. Gear1’s smart sensors detect your resistance, calories burned, and force while counting your reps and exercise duration. Your AI Coach in the Hyfit app uses this biometric feedback to deliver workouts tailored to you and your real-time needs.

Social media banners

For the social media banners, I wanted to highlight the versatility and benefits of the HYGEAR products, particularly focusing on the innovative features, connected app and the convenience they offer for users.

Preorder newsletter

For the design of the preorder newsletter, I aim to capture the attention of subscribers and convey the excitement surrounding the upcoming product launch. High-quality images of the new GEAR1 products take center stage, showcasing their sleek design and innovative features.