Particula is a well-funded developer of cutting edge, connected toys. Particula define the future of play, by reviving new life to the timeless classics and powering them into the digital era. A new generation of (“Phygital”) games and toys, empowered with “brain and connectivity”, IoT technologies, and accompanied with premium apps that bridge the physical experience with the digital space.




Smatr toys


Develop responsive website and visual campaigns for all brand products: Including landing pages, newsletters, videos, social media posts, to ensure a seamless and engaging cross-platform presence

My contribution

UI/UX Design, Web design, Video editing, Packaging design, Marketing materials

Particula website

Particula website design involved creating a visually captivating and user-friendly interface that effectively promotes the featured products: GoCube, GoDice, and GoChess. The design convey a sense of joy, quality, and magic associated with spending time with friends and loved ones, while engaging to explore the offerings and provide a seamless browsing experience for visitors interested in purchasing or learning more about the Particula products.

GoDice Landing page

As the designer responsible for creating the landing page for the new GoDice products, my primary goal is to introduce the innovative features of the products and gather emails from potential customers, which will be utilized as hot leads for future marketing efforts. The landing page is designed to highlight the unique selling points of GoDice, such as their seamless integration with the companion app and their ability to bring classic dice games to life in the digital age. 

Email advertising campaign

The solution for this email advertising campaign revolves around highlighting the urgency and importance of not missing out on the Prime Day Sale. The email emphasizes the significance of whitelisting Particula to ensure that recipients receive all communications regarding the sale.  The email aims to create a sense of anticipation and excitement among recipients, encouraging them to take action and whitelist Particula to stay informed about deals and offers during the Prime Day Sale.

Email Introducing GoDice D20 Connected

Real Dice Online Games offers an immersive gaming experience with the GoDice RPG, seamlessly integrating your connected GoDice with popular platforms like Roll20, Foundry VTT, and Discord native chats.I was creating visually appealing content to highlight the integration’s key features. This involves designing captivating imagery, AI illustrations, and graphics to our RPG enthusiast audience.


Product images showcase the design, features, and gameplay experience of each product, emphasizing their seamless integration with the connected mobile app.